Shipping Services:

  • Domestic:
    Providing air transportation of cargo over regular routes and on regular schedules. Network carriers operate a significant portion of their flights using at least one hub where connections are made for flights on a spoke system. Regional carriers provide service from small cities, mostly using smaller aircraft and jets to support the network carriers' hub and spoke systems.

  • Charters:
    Our experienced team works closely with you to find the appropriate aircraft for your Freight. Whether you need to fly a small package or a large cargo, the Racing Cargo group will evaluate your freight size and budget to assist you in the most appropriate aircraft selection.

  • Hand Carriers:
    No matter what it takes, night or day, Racing Cargo will be there, working hard to meet your flight transportation needs. Rest assured that our team will keep your Wheels Up. Air Import / Export Cargo

  • Services:
    For Shipments Traveling Nationwide or Internationally via Cargo or Charter Aircraft.

Transportation of cargo over regular routes


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