Dry Van

Dry Van standard freight, Direct Service / Door to door interchanges, Transload Service / Door to border and border to door, Domestic freight, Temperature Controlled, Hazardous Shipments and Drayage / Border crossing.

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Dry Van standard freight

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The most common method of shipping by freight. The advantage of the dry van is its commodity, the wide use and resulting high availability.

Door to door services

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We have the service of two part shipment in which the dry van is dropped off and picked up at the border.

Transload Service

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Trucks 48” and 53” dedicated to export and import thru the border.

LTL Dry Van

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With this service we will take all your LTL shipments that have different destination in a single dry van to our warehouse at Laredo, TX and send them to their different destinations.

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